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HelloDealerApp has everything you need – customize and manage your app, engage your customers,
and grow your business while you are ‘mobile’.
Check out the wide range of features laid out for easy and convenient selling…

  • HelloDealerApp is Easy to Customise

    1. Customize Your App

    Enjoy the liberty to use your own name, colour, theme and logo for the app

  • HelloDealerApp helps Track Customer Behaviour

    2. Track Customer Behaviour

    Know what your customers are looking for! Understand their needs and exceed customer expectations

  • HelloDealerApp helps information sharing instantly

    3. Share Your Info

    Share information on your brand and dealership with customers and build credibility

  • HelloDealerApp has chat with customers feature

    4. Chat with Your Customers

    Be in touch with your customers and answer their queries without any delay

  • HelloDealerApp has personalised notifications

    5. Personalized Notifications

    Create and send personalized messages to specific audiences, individually or collectively

  • HelloDealerApp helps manage your Cars

    6. Manage Cars and Offers

    Manage and track details of cars, offers and quickly retrieve info as and when required

  • HelloDealerApp provide individual user access for employees

    7. Individual User Access

    Assign each customer to specific staff & resources by providing individual and secured user access to them

  • HelloDealerApp gives a wide range of Car barnds

    8. Prebuilt Car Brands

    Get started with the already integrated car brands on the app

  • HelloDealerApp helps add your old data in the most efficient way

    9. Add New & Old Data

    Add all your existing and new-customer data effortlessly, and organize all your clients and prospects