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The helloDealerApp features take you to the next level, making you a faster, smarter and more flexible dealer.
The dynamic app makes buying and selling convenient for both, customers and dealers.
Check out the benefits offered in the helloDealerApp:


Benefits for You!

  • Start branding right away with the powerful car and brands management
  • Get quick access to relevant employee engagement information, car, offer and customer details
  • Become technologically adaptive to attend to customer queries instantly without intruding into their privacy, time or space
  • Receive user statistics, track customer interests and offer the best promotional deals to the right customers
  • Use secured individual logins for all communication between sales staff and customers
  • Easily manage car digitally with the innovative and easy to use modules

HelloDealerApp Benefits

Benefits for your Customer

  • Get the finest details of cars even outside the showroom right on your smartphones
  • View digital catalogue of cars and offers with images and all the required details without visiting the showroom
  • Contact the dealer anytime in one touch via instant chat, messaging, call or email
  • Share and get reviews of the car someone wants to purchase through social media
  • Share car and offers information with friends and family by email, text, or social media
  • Add cars of interest to favourites